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Black Gold Dynasty Marketplace
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Black Gold Dynasty Marketplace
"Delivering Quality Goods And Services Worldwide Via The Blockchain"
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Black Gold Dynasty Marketplace
"Delivering Quality Goods And Services Worldwide Via The Blockchain"

Black Gold Dynasty Marketplace

"Delivering  Quality Goods And Services Worldwide Using A Decentralized Autonomous Organization  Powered By The Ethereum Blockchain & Smart Contracts ... All run Efficiently, Relentlessly, Effortlessly And Autonomously, On The Amazing Blockchain ...  And The Real Beauty Is ... You Own It All ... Lot,  Stock & Barrel ... The Whole Enchilada is all yours"

Black Gold Dynasty, Black Gold Marketplace And the Black Gold Cryptocurrency are designed to work in Synergy with each other.

Our goal is to Fill the Black Gold Marketplace with Thousands of products and services that can be Delivered Directly to the Customers front door Bypassing a Middleman.

from a Brand New Automobile or Truck ... or Motor Cycle ... to A Major Household Appliance like a Refrigerator or Vacuum Cleaner ... A New State of the Art ... trick & Fancy Baby Stroller or Car Seat ... or Perhaps a Flat Screen T. v. and Much more ... Delivered to your door Step.

"The Largest Black Owned Marketplace In The World - Owned By Real People"

We Are Encouraging Over 1.25 Billion Loyal Black Consumers Worldwide ... To Invest At Least 30% Of Their Income ... Into A Marketplace That They Will Now Own ... And Could Potentially Generate $100 Billion Dollars Per Month In Revenue And Could Potentially Generate Up To 3 Million New Black Jobs Worldwide!

Decentralized / Autonomous / Peer to Peer

Peer-2-Peer may be the new Preferred Standard When Choosing Where We Spend Our Money these days ...

Real Folks ... trying to earn a living ... Or Greedy Corporate 'Fat Cats - Trying To Screw You At Will'?

This won't All happen Overnight ... we will bring it to you just as fast as possible. But Most importantly ...

we want it to be safe for all Our Members in every way possible.

Change takes time ... however ... the Incremental changes We make now ... will pay huge dividends later.

This Black Gold Marketplace belongs to the people

therefore ... we seek To Obtain as much feedback as possible From the People into all decision Making. Join Us Now as we Build A World Class Marketplace ... Owned By Real People For the Good Of All Mankind.

Don't Just Talk About it ... Be About It!

We Want To invite Every Black Owned Business In the world ... To Join With Us ... even if you already have a store or website elsewhere ... Doesn't matter ... Stand With Us Now ... We Need Your Support Now ...

We are going to make history ... Again ... And You Can Be Part Of the Phenomenon ... Join With Us Now.

As A Merchant ... What's It Going To Cost Me?

No Up front Fees Whatsoever - And You will Only pay 10% of Your Gross Monthly Sales volume For rent.

The only Caveat is ... You must have 'Skin in the game' ... Literally and Figurative: 

1.) You Must Be At Least 51% Black

2:) Own At Least 100 Sankofa Black Gold (SBG)

3.) Be Loyal, Honest and Currently over 18yrs.

That's it ... very simple!

Remember ... 10% of Every Dollar that Comes through the doors ... goes to the Sankofa Black Gold Dynasty ... Which Allows Us to perform maintenance, upgrade Software, Provide Training etc ... But you still own it.

You Can Be Apart of the Largest Black Owned Marketplace in the Entire World.

We expect Over 1.25 Billion Loyal Black customers To visit our Portal weekly ... if not DAILY - to buy something ... or to just check in to see what's going on at the Black Gold Marketplace ... That they own.

"After all ... If You Owned The Largest Marketplace In The Entire World ... Wouldn't you show up daily ... Just to see what the Heck's going on at the shop ... Don't you think?"