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Web of Spider-Man #100 (1993) Comic Book
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Web of Spider-Man #100 (May 1993) by Marvel Comics
"Uneasy Alliances" Part 4 of 4. Giant-Sized Anniversary Issue. Script by Terry Kavanagh. Pencils by Alex Saviuk. Inks by Joe Rubinstein. Green foil cover by Alex Saviuk. It's the 100th issue of the Web of Spider-Man series! And all roads (to take over the Kingpin's crime syndicate) lead to a mysterious estate on the outskirts of Manhattan! The Blood Rose is there! And so are the New Enforcers: Blitz, Eel, Tangle, Plantman, and Thermite! Along with the Dragon Man, Dreadnaught, and Super-Adaptoid! But before Peter Parker arrives, he decides to add something new to his usual red-and-blue ensemble…the Spider-Armor! Great idea! Because the web-slinger is going to need it when he battles no less than five super-villains and two Richard Fisks! With a little help from Nightwatch, the Amazing Spider-Man may turn the Spider-Armor's debut into a smashing success! It's every man for himself in the wild conclusion to the My Enemy's Enemy storyline! First appearance of the Spider-Armor. Cameo appearances by the Controller, Fixer, Mentallo, and Mr. Fear. Second story: "The Origin of Nightwatch" Script by Terry Kavanagh. Pencils and Inks by Derek Yaniger. The tragic story of how Dr. Kevin Trench became Nightwatch is revealed.

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