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Rocketeer Adventure Magazine #1 & 2 (1988-1989) Comic Books
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Rocketeer Adventure Magazine 1 & 2 (1988-1989) by Comico
1 (July 1988)

Cover by Dave Stevens. "Cliffs New York Adventure" 14 pages. Part 6 of 8. Story continues from Rocketeer Special Edition. Story and art by Dave Stevens. Cliff follows Betty to New York before she sets off for Europe. But the reunion might not go exactly as planned. "George Townson. Flying the Autogiros." 4 pages. Text feature. "Buy, Buy, Birdie." 10 pages. Story by Elaine Lee. Pencils by Michael Kaluta. Inks by Charles Vess. Attempting to win a badminton contest, the Galactic Girl Guides develop a birdie shooting robot. Should have left out the real bird eggs though.

2 (July 1989)

Cover by Dave Stevens and Dave Dorman. "Nightmare at Large." 14 pages. Part 7 of 8. Story by Dave Stevens, Paul DeMeo and Danny Bilson. Layouts by Mike Kaluta. Art by Dave Stevens. Cliffs shadowy new colleague sends him on a mission to track down a killer who is murdering members of a circus troupe Cliff once belonged to. "Pitcairns Autogiro." 3 pages. Text feature. "All Souped Up and Nowhere to Blow." 10 pages. Story by Elaine Lee. Art by Michael Kaluta. Hi-jinks abound as the Galactic Girl Guides prepare their entry for the Soup Can Rally. All the while making sure those dumb Boy Scouts dont steal their ideas.

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