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Michael Turner Presents Aspen Complete 3-Issue Set (2003) Comic Books
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Michael Turner Presents... Aspen complete 3-Issue set by Aspen Comics

First Issue 1 (July, 2003)
Featuring Fathom, Dragonfly, & EKOS by Geoff Johns, Jeff Loeb, Michael Turner, & Peter Steigerwalk The debut issue of Aspen #1 has arrived!! Providing you with a first look at several of the newest series and products coming soon from Aspen MLT Inc.! Plus, this amazing premiere issue also features the much-anticipated return of Fathom! In a story by Geoff Johns and Michael Turner, a new force has arisen from the darkest depths. Known only as 'The Black,' their power is unrivaled and their motives are unclear. What does this mean for our heroine? Find out here in the first 12-page segment of a giant three-part, 36-page story, which ties together many of the threads from the first 14 issues of Fathom and the Fathom: Killian's Tide mini-series! Then, check out some never-before-seen artwork and sketches from both of Michael Turner's upcoming new series, Dragonfly: Soulfire and EKOS! Joined by writers Jeph Loeb and Geoff Johns, look for one of these incredible new properties to make its smashing debut later this summer, with the other soon to follow! Plus: creator interviews, new pin-ups, a pull-out mini-poster, a sneak peek into the Aspen studios, product previews, and much more! This is your definitive source to everything that will be Aspen! 
2 (August, 2003)
by Geoff Johns; Michael Turner, & Peter Steigerwald. Aspen Matthews has visions of her clouded past but before she can discover the truth, she must survive her encounter with the deadly warrior Kiani! The Black hold the world in fear by removing the water from the Great Lakes! Includes a special sneak peek at the upcoming Fathom mini-series, an exclusive interview with Jeph Loeb, company news, a new pull out mini-poster FC

3 (August, 2003)
Tan cover by Geoff Johns; Michael Turner, & Peter Steigerwald Aspen is the only being capable of standing up against the Black. What sacrifice will she have to make in order to stop these godlike foes and will Kiani be able to pick up the pieces in the aftermath? Events from this lead directly into this fall's Fathom: Dawn of War. Includes an exclusive interview Talent Caldwell, product previews, company news, a new pull out mini-poster and tons more! FC
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