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Ghost Rider #27 guest starring X-Men (1992) Comic Book
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Ghost Rider #27 (July 1992) by Marvel Comics
X-/Ghost Rider Crossover – Part 4 of 4 - "Vengeance. Pure and Simple!" Guest-starring the X-Men. Written by Howard Mackie. Art by Ron Wagner and Mike Witherby. Story continued from X-Men (1991 1st Series) #9. Ghost Rider in the X-Men search through the catacombs and find the Guild's children bound by the Brood. As the other X-Men free the children, Gambit, Wolverine, and Ghost Rider leave to hunt down the Brood Queen for her role in Bella Donna's death. Within the void, Dan's spirit recovers from Ghost Rider's possession by the Brood. Outside the city, Clara Menninger notifies Johnny Blaze of Ghost Rider's presence in New Orleans. Blaze tells Clara to inform his wife that he will catch up at their next stop in Providence, Rhode Island, then rides off. The black garb assassin and more Brood drones soon surround Ghost Rider, Gambit, and Wolverine, and even more drones attack the other X-Men. Ghost Rider's group dispatches their foes, but they are prevented from chasing the assassin by the arriving Brood Queen. The Queen speeds back to where the children were held, but Ghost Rider leashes her with his chain and tows her above ground. The Brood Queen is destroyed by the combined efforts of Ghost Rider, the X-Men, and the arriving Blaze. Gambit swears a debt of honor to Ghost Rider before he and Blaze ride off, but the assassin, watching overhead, swears vengeance on them all.

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