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Archie #318 (1982) Comic Book
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Archie #318 (July 1982) by Archie Comics
Cover by Dan DeCarlo. Stories by Frank Doyle, Joe Edwards and unknown. Art by Dan DeCarlo, Jr., Joe Edwards, Jim DeCarlo and unknown. When Archie can't get to school on time, Mr. Weatherbee assigns Jughead to make sure Archie comes to school on time in "The Cure"! Plus: Li'l Jinx's Chum Charley isn't going to eat ice cream all alone in the half-pager "Not Alone"; "Archie's Gag Bag" half-pager; Archie activity page "Sign Up!"; Archie gets beaten by Reggie during a wrestling match and Reggie brags to everyone about it in "A Gripping Tale"; Archie's parents think he's a great artist after they see his sketches of Veronica in "The Specialist"; Archie didn't go to the movies with Kim...just ask the 1-pager "Alibi Awry"; and Ava gets turned down by Archie, so she tries to give him a bad reputation in "The Reputation"!

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