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Nu'Drok - Ogre Stat Block [D&D 5E]
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Ogres are strong, yet stupid and lazy brutes. They live by raiding and scavenging, taking great delight in killing their victims. Standing over 9ft tall and weighing close to a thousand pounds, they are formidable foes. Ogres' tempers are short and they will eat almost anything.

Nu'Drok (CR4) has recently commanded a group of orcs and settled in the skeleton of a dwarven ruin cut into a mountain. From there he has been launching vicious raids against the neighbouring villages.

The paid content consists of a link to the Hombrewery online application depicting three Nu'Drok stat blocks. The stat blocks are identical but with altered formatting in each to suit personal preference. You can download a .pdf of the stat blocks or view the source used from the link provided.

This content relates to the Role Playing Game Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition) and was created using the Homebrewery Tool:

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