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Grave Wight Stat Block [D&D 5E]
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Wights are undead creatures given life through violence and hatred. They can drain the life from their victims through touch alone. When a wight attacks, the spark present in all living things glows like white-hot embers to its dark, sunken eyes and it will attack relentlessly to snuff it out. Wights hate the sun, retreating to barrow mounds, crypts and tombs.

A Grave Wight (CR7) is a powerful foe, able to bolster the undead around it while striking with its jagged greatsword. Capable of summoning a blinding dust, it can drain the life from multiple nearby foes in an instant. The Grave Wight only becomes more dangerous in its lair, able to call forth spirits to damage and hamper as it corrupts the flow of magic itself!

The paid content consists of a link to the Hombrewery online application depicting a Grave Wight stat blocks. You can download a .pdf of the stat block from the link.

This content relates to the Role Playing Game Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition) and was created using the Homebrewery Tool.

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