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Tree Portraits, The Pioneer Birch
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This is one of a set of twelve cards.
Each card gives information about the tree, but it does more than that, it tells the story of the tree; it's uses it's folklore, and untimately, it's character.

I am always the first tree to colonise any open sward. If there is a way to live and grow, be
sure that I will find it. Take my twigs for toothbrushes, or tie them to make besom brooms; I
cannot say if they are ever used for transport!
I drive out evil spirits. Perhaps that is why I am the cane of choice for headmasters, but
gentler souls more prone to warm diplomacy will use my sap for wine.
My bark I give you easily and painlessly for all your complex needs – repelling rain, or
serving as a message-board, or even, if you boil it, as a glue. Meanwhile, as you find things
for me to do, I will be moving on, to find new soil to set my roots into.  

(printed of FSC approved card)

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