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Commercial Distiller & Ethanol Extractor (Eden Labs Coldfinger™ 100 Galllon)
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Eden Labs Coldfinger™ 100 Gallon Commercial Distiller & Ethanol Extractor:

(Came out of a working environment!)

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A single system that enables fast, efficient and reliable extraction of herbs, cold and warm/wash ethanol extraction, spirits distillation, steam distillation and solvent recovery. Ethanol extraction is one of the most efficient and clean methods that exist to extract botanicals. Units like these retail for over $50-90K+ with a 6-8 week lead time.


Coldfinger Extraction, the process that started it all for Eden Labs! Since 1996 Eden Labs has offered the Coldfinger method of whole plant extraction for a wide variety of botanicals.

The Coldfinger™ Commercial is capable of Cold Wash Ethanol Extraction - a method of extraction that preserves volatile plant compounds to produce a great tasting whole plant extract.

What can you extract with Coldfinger™ Commercial? 

Nearly any plant or botanical.

Can it do cold wash and warm wash extraction?

Yes! The extractor is capable of reflux (warm wash) as well as shower, stirred reactor and percolator extraction.

Can the extractor function as a vacuum oven?

Absolutely. Not only can you extract under vacuum, but the machine is a highly-effective vacuum oven. It can be used for dehydration and decarboxylation in place of a standard vacuum oven.

Is it capable of distillation?

The extractor is a highly-capable distiller. Steam distilling and solvent recovery in high quantities at an efficient rate is easy with the Coldfinger™ Commercial.

Is it capable of spirits distilling? 

Yes! You can produce your own alcohol/ethanol with the extractor.

Extraction Methods:


COLD WASH ETHANOL - Shower, Stirred Reactor, Percolator 

Distillation Methods:

Steam Distillation, Solvent Recovery, Spirits Distilling, Winterization


Load Capacity: 70-80 (lbs.) Run Time: 90 (min.) 90

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