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Batman Forever Ultimate Batman Figure 15
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~ From 1995's 'BATMAN FOREVER' - Starring Val Kilmer (America's Dreamiest Batman) ~

This is the Ultimate Batman figure from the 1995 Kenner® Batman Forever collection. The figure has a removable cap and poseable arms & legs, and measures approximately 15" tall with the base. It comes included with the original Bat Signal Base Stand and Batman's killer Bat-a-rang! 

It's open box "new," in the box (which has some issues, see infra), and the figure itself is in excellent condition. Full disclosure: I did cheat when I was a kid and remove Batman from the box. However, I knew enough to keep the original rubber-coated ties so I could re-secure him in the original package (I must have known eBay was in my future somehow). At any rate, the figure itself is in fantastic condition - the good thing about this particular Batman figure is that he's stuck in the "throw" position, so he was not good to play with. 

The box itself does have some issues - the upper left (Batman's left) has a wrinkle and a tear, Batman's upper right shows a less pronounced pucker. The edges of the box show some coloration loss. Please study the listing photographs, as they are the best means available of conveying the condition of the item and its package. 

To that end, Seller encourages Buyers (particularly collectors and those of particularized tastes) to review all the photos and information provided to ascertain whether the item meets Buyer's unique needs and expectations. 

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