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75 Grams Grade 1 Premium Persian Saffron
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100% Pure, Natural Persian Saffron

Saffron is the name for the threads (stigmas) from the Crocus Sativus flower. There are only 3 saffron stigmas for each individual flower, meaning Saffron is considered one of the rarest spices in the world! In fact, it takes over 80,000 blossoms or 240,000 hand-picked saffron stigmas to make a single pound of this popular product. Ensuring consistent premium quality batches in every single gram!

Amazing Saffron power!

There are many health benefits attached to the use of saffron herbal supplements. The spice is very effective many ailments, some of which are listed below.


Saffron can be used in the treatment of mild to moderate depression. Many documented studies has proven that saffron can be as effective as most of the medicines prescribed for depression treatment. However, you need to make sure you’re buying 100% real saffron for it to be effective against depression.


Most people that have asthma know how frustrating that can be. One main characteristic of asthma is difficulty in breathing. The reason suffers experienced difficulty in breathing is because their lungs have been inflamed, which leads to the restriction of airways. Taking saffron can easily clear the restricted airways, thereby making easy for you breathe again.

Difficulty in sleeping

If you find it difficult to sleep at night, then you need to start taking saffron herbal supplements. This will help you in avoiding restless or sleepless nights. For best results, mix the saffron with some tea or milk and drink it before going to bed.

Menstrual Relief

If you use to experience irregular menstrual cycle, you can use saffron to regulate your menstruation. Saffron not only induces menstruation, but also helps in relieving pains associated with periods. In addition, the spice can also help in the reduction of chronic uterus bleeding.

Protects Eyesight

According to scientists at the University of L’Aquilla in Abruzzi, taking of saffron on a daily basis can increase the level of fatty acids in the membranes. These fatty acids support the cells that impart vision. The scientists revealed that drinking saffron tea on  a daily basis can improve eyesight against just drinking it once  in a week. What this means is that individuals with poor eyesight can rely on saffron for improved sight.

Heart Disease

The antioxidant properties of saffron have been known to inhibit the activities of markers that contribute to cardiovascular diseases. One antioxidant called lycopene in saffron is known to support a healthy heart. Aside that, crocetin, another active ingredient in saffron helps in lowering the levels of cholesterol in the blood, thereby preventing the development of atherosclerosis.


Prevents Inflammations

The antioxidants properties of saffron help in curbing inflammations, as well as reduces it in patients that has arthritis. Also, saffron broth can be used for teeth gum problems, because it helps in stopping the inflammatory markers that spread the infection.

Note that because saffron is natural, it may not be the strong solution to any of the above health problems. However, it can be a comforting alternative to a lot of health issues.

You can find more information about saffron at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saffron

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