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What The?! #1 (1988) Comic Book
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What The?! #1 (August 1988) by Marvel Comics
Parodies: the Pulverizer (Punisher) stars in "Accounts Overdrawn--Checks Returns For Lack of Funds." Script by Peter Gillis, co-plot and pencils by Hilary Barta, inks by John Severin. "Bower Brats Meet Clunk and Dagnabbit!" (Power Pack and Cloak & Dagger) Script and inks by Terry Austin, pencils by June Brigman. Galactus cameo. The X-Persons (X-Men) star in "When Titans Bunch!" Script by Gillis, pencils by Jon Bogdanove, inks by Al Milgrom. Appearances by just about every major Marvel hero. Doctor Doom and the Watcher star in "Secret War III." Script by Gwen Dibley, pencils by Steve Ditko, inks by John Severin. Galactus appearance; Magneto cameo. Ad parodies by Marc Siry, Milgrom, and Austin. (No real ads in this issue.) Bogdanove/Milgrom cover. 
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