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Craig Hassed - The Essence of Health
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Craig Hassed is a GP and lecturer at Monash University

"A life with little illness and pain, being well, without doctors or hospitals - it s all possible. Wellness is the mantra for a healthier, happier and calmer life. Startlingly simple but deeply powerful, Dr Craig Hassed's manual for a healthier, happier and calmer life shows that wellness, not illness, is the essence of managing health. By bringing together the best of evidence-based, holistic medicine in a program that we can put into practice in our daily lives, Dr Hassed shows that the face of new medicine is our own. The biggest challenge facing healthcare in this century isn't in the discovery of new science or medical treatments, but found within ourselves. The seven crucial pillars of wellbeing --ESSENCE -- are drawn from the best of research in traditional and complementary medicine. Hand in hand with motivation and strategies for change, Dr Hassed shows that we are capable of life-long good heath, happiness and calm.

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