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Photo Art: Personally Taken, Artistically Rendered Photo (with full rights): Levender and Sunflowers
from W.H Lewis
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This photo was taken by me. Looks great as a wall hanging! I am offering this photo to be yours to use as you wish on any website, poster, book, etc.

You will be getting the maximum resolution version as a valued customer.

But I am also offering you the full resale rights, so you can sell the photo yorself and keep 100% of the money you make.

This is a very generous offer. Resale rights for professional photos like this go for upwards of $700 on photo stores. See this for an example price for resale rights.

Ways to sell your photo include:

Turn it into a wall hanging framed photo and sell it to major retail stores (I have done this myself with my photos). Here is an example of a photo like this being sold at a major high street retailer for hundreds of bucks per sale.

Submit it to Getty Images.

Submit it to stick photo sites.

Create your own online store and sell framed photos using this image.

Print it onto mugs, shower curtains, coaster, t-shirts etc and sell the items in your shop.

You will also get a beautiful, peronally designed certificate, showing that YOU personally have the rights to this image (I will place your username on it if you don't wish to give your real name).


If you don't wish to sell the photo and make an income from it yourself, you can simply use the photo for your website or personal use, with full rights and privalages.

Why am I doing this?

As a photographer, I have an excess of photos, and so I'm using them to establish my OpenBazaar store. In other words, you're getting them dead cheap.

Delivery will be sent digitally. Please allow 24 hours to prepare everything for you. You'll love my service!

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Because of the digital nature of this product, I'm afraid I cannot offer refunds once sale is made.
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The ONLY restriction on this is that you can't sell on the resale rights too. But you can re-sell the photo itself in all ways your imagination allows!