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10oz Pure Silver Bar - Best Value Bullion
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10oz Pure Silver Bar - Best Value Bullion

Small silver bars such as the 10 ounce bar are one of the most popular ways to buy silver.

All our silver bars are from London Bullion Market Association approved refiners.

  • Silver Content:  10 oz
  • Minimum Gross Weight: 10 oz
  • Purity: 0.9999

10 oz silver bars remain one of the most popular precious metal products to invest in, assuming the silver is of high purity, stamped and verified by the relevant authorities. These silver bars are 0.9999 pure, with a minimum gross weight of 10 oz and a silver content of 10 oz, meaning you can rest assured that they are of the highest quality. What’s more, all of our 10 oz silver bars are from London Bullion Market Association approved refiners, guaranteeing their quality and purity. All our products are sold at the lowest premium above spot, maximising potential future profits, regardless of market fluctuations.

The trade in silver bars is as ancient as trade itself, dating back at least 6,000 years, often with silver and gold mixed together, such as was the case with some of the earliest Egyptian dynasties. The coveting of silver was also present in the unconnected cultures of the new world, showing that the precious metal has a universal human value that is central to maintaining its value. In fact the British Pound is a weight of measurement based on 12oz of silver.

Unlike when buying junk silver, even from reputable traders, silver bars are one of the most reliable ways to invest in the metal as you are all but guaranteed purity. This lessening of the risks involved in silver investment is another reason that silver bars are so popular with investors.

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