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Custom 1 minute song of any genre
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The packages work this way:



- Any Genre

- Up to 4 Instruments

- HQ Files (wav .16bit, wav .24 bit, mp3 320kbps)

- Ready for Commercial Use

- 1 Revision

- 4 days delivery



- Any Genre

- Up to 8 Instruments

- HQ Files (wav .16bit, wav .24 bit, mp3 320kbps)

- Ready for Commercial Use

- 2 Revisions

- 5 days delivery



- Any Genre

- Up to 14 Instruments

- HQ Files (wav .16bit, wav .24 bit, mp3 320kbps)

- Ready for Commercial Use

- 3 Revisions

- 6 days delivery

I will do music or ambient soundscape for any kind of genre

(Only music, no video syncing)

My Primary Genres are:

- Classical

- Ambient

- Soundtrack / Cinematic

- Hip-Hop

- Trap

- Dub / Dubstep / Reggae

I'm most comfortable with these genres, but I will do any genre and any mix of genres

You will get:


sound files (of up to 60~63 seconds long)


- 1 wav .16bit file 

- 1 wav .24bit file

- 1 mp3 320kbps file

I only stop when I think that the music really fits the required purpose, and I'm not afraid to completely remake a song if that really needs to happen.

You're welcome to listen to my tracks on soundcloud:

DaSoundworks Machine

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Return Policy
Returns accepted only if job has still not started, otherwise, it's only possible to do partial refund if requested in the middle of the job, or no refund at all (if the work is already done, or 95% done)
Terms of Service
Before starting I need you to send me your preferences of: - Genre (Or Mix of genres if Multiple-Genre) - Purpose (a story to follow, or just a simple feeling, or a certain hype of some kind) - Instruments - Images of your work (if you are going to use the music in that work, and you want the images to be influences on the music creation process | [optional / not mandatory to the work process] The payment (if made through OB) must be made before starting the music/song or (if made outside OB), it can be made by portions, if you want to make a portioned payment, please send a message
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